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Server Rack is used to hold server and help in place different type of racks in organized way to easier our work and faster acess.

What is a rack server?

A rack server, also known as a rack mount server, rack-mounted server or rack mount computer, is a computer designed to be situated in a rectangular structure called a server rack.

The advantages of a server rack include better space conservation for rack servers, increased scalability, maximized air flow when coupled with a cooling system and ease of regular computer maintenance and diagnostics, given that their design allows technicians and operators to easily slide rack servers in and out of them.

What is a rack server used for?

Like all servers, rack servers provide data and specific services to clients. They are commonly found in data centers full of dozens, or even hundreds, of server racks and server rack cabinets.

What is benefit of server rack?

Server Rack  helping you to oraganize server rack to easier and fast access with maxium utilization of server room space as per requirement.


In VIG INDUSTRIES, we are aiming to provide best solution suitable for your requirement with our high quality server rack with durable quality to manage your server with no worry about it. Server are critical aspect of organization for internal or external use. In today world, server is performing lot of processing with maximum up time which required high quality server rack to hold with maximum durability.

We also provide accessories to help in managing connectivity. We provide accessories specific to servers which supported for multiple brand.



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